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How to tame your cat the first time?

I dont understand why the dog does whenever he asks for it and lives his life to make us happy. The dogs are really obedient.

As for my cat, it ignores me a lot except in the case when I fill her bowl with food or caress her fur, mainly my job is to please her I love her but I do not feel that I am in control here

Did you know that we raised cats more than 10,000 years ago and that we did this twice? How did these stubborn cats persuade us to move into our homes? Well, we do not. It was probably her idea. Although cats are considered domestic animals, This means that the animal begins to live with us, and then becomes dependent on us; But the correct and accurate word is that cats have made themselves from our pets on their own.

How to tame your cat the first time?

Dogs, or their ancestors from wolves, fell in love with us from the moment we started hunting and cooking food on fire. Cats, of all kinds, were hovering around campfires, but were not interested in helping us hunt or with livestock, if we tried; All our attempts will fail.

I can’t even get my cat to do something if how he persuaded these stubborn cats to move to live in our homes, we did not do so it was likely that her idea was that although the cats are considered pets to live with us they can live without relying on us, but the correct and accurate word That cats made themselves from our pets by themselves, but cats are not the first animal to take this step. The dogs did it before. The ancestors of dogs and religion are wolves. They liked the way the Our ancestors for his food. They always ate the leftovers of his food, and they followed people. Sheep. Likewise, cats have always been hovering around our ancestors eating food, but they are unlike dogs. They were not interested in helping people to fish or grazing sheep never, but despite the fact that cats were involved with humans in some of the same prey as rabbits and others
But the situation changed with the advent of the agricultural revolution and the discovery of agriculture by humans, and he began to grow his own food, and when he began to harvest more than he needed, it became necessary to store it in a place in large quantities. Unwanted creatures, but none of them worked
Here, humans discovered the best way to eliminate these rats. Yes, they are cats. Finally, cats have a role to play among humans and share some food with them.
Cats played a very effective role in combating these creatures that eat everything and leave nothing. The old man loved this role that cats played very much. This may explain the secret of our attachment and love to cats now.
Cats have always played a role in all ancient societies. Ancient Egyptians worshiped and painted their gods with a cat’s head, and the Greeks considered the cat a symbol of freedom

How to tame your cat the first time?

Compare the dotted cat, or the wild cat, with its predecessors, the African wild cat or the “Middle East cat.” The domestic cats of our time share a genetic combination almost identical to their wild ancestors; One of the few ways to distinguish it; It is through the marks on her body, which are not long enough for archaeologists to study.

One type of stain that you will not see in domestic cats; Only on two occasions: tiger skin patches
Cat breeders have tried to crossbreed wild cats with other species to obtain a spotted breed … with varying degrees of success. The two biggest examples are: Savannah cats and Bengali cats
Modern fossils in the peasant village of Kuanhokun, in central China, show that 5,000 years ago, Chinese farmers enjoyed the company of Kuanhukun cats.

Even archaeologists have found a Kwanhochun cat buried with great care and care that its skeleton has remained intact for thousands of years, indicating that someone considered it very special.

Today we see dogs in many shapes and sizes, because humans have made them for many different tasks, such as guarding, grazing sheep or dragging sleds. As for cats, they have had one task from a long time, which is hunting mice, so there has not been a major change in the size and shapes of cats that we know today.
We all know that getting rid of cats is not an easy thing. It is who decides whether to stay or leave. Try to put your cat on the other side of the city and you will find it after two days in front of your house. Today, cats are the most famous pet animals in the world and there are 75 million of them in the United States only and you think These creatures who yearn to control that we are just slaves but they have finally chosen to live with us, well I feel happy with them because they made this decision

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