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10 reasons why your cat should chew your hair

Cats show love in different ways. While dogs prefer to cuddle, cats do other things, which are, to say the least, pretty strange. For example, some cats may lick your nose as a way to show respect. Others will cuddle, some will meow to get your attention, and some cats will chew your hair.

That’s right – cats love to chew their humans’ hair, and there are several reasons for it. They aren’t doing it out of spite – as a matter of fact, there are positive reasons behind it. Of course, one of the reasons is because they want and have to, because, well, we all know that cats can be real a**holes sometimes.

Here are 10 reasons why your cat chews your hair

1-Relaxing and De-stressing

Let’s start with the first reason – relaxation and de-stress. When cats are stressed, they need to do something immediately to calm down. Biting or chewing the hair of their owners will help them relax, which is a great thing in itself. It shows that your cat trusts you and shares a special bond with you. It’s a reassuring thing for your cat, so you should let it do that. Unless it starts to hurt and you can see they’re doing it out of spite. That kind of behavior should be discouraged.

2-It Wants to Socialize

When we want to socialize, we can give our friend a call and hang out. Cats socialize in different ways. One of them is by chewing your hair. It’s true – they demonstrate love in their groups by licking, biting, or rubbing on other cats. This exchanges scents with the cats (or humans they love the most) which identifies them as friendlies.

It’s the same when they chew your hair. The stronger your relationship with your cat is, the more your cat will chew your hair. Be grateful for it – your cat won’t do this with just about everyone.

3-Because They Must

Cats chew things compulsively. They will chew just about anything they can sink their teeth in. If your cat does this often, it may be a sign of a compulsive disorder known as Pica. In this case, you might need to take it to a vet.

4-To Gain Attention

Of course, one of the reasons why your cat may be chewing your hair is to get attention. Cats will do anything to get it, including chewing the hair of their favorite persons. Of course, it needs to be done in a playful manner. If they’re too pulling too hard, discourage their behavior.

5-To Play

Sometimes, all a cat wants is to play, and that can involve your hair. This will more likely happen when you’re lying down, giving your cat easy access to your hair. Let them chew on your hair unless it becomes too intense.

6-How to Stop Your Cat from Chewing Your Hair

When done playfully, you can let your cat chew on your hair. However, if it becomes too frequent or violent, you should definite discourage that kind of behavior. Below are some tips and tricks how to do it.

7-Just Move Away

Moving away from your cat is the best way to stop it from chewing your hair. Doing this often will let your cat know that it shouldn’t do it. Being consistent is key – every time a cat chews your hair, move away from it. Don’t push it away or yell at it. That can damage your relationship and you don’t want to do that.

8-Create a Safe Area

If your cat chews your hair because it’s stressed, create a safe area in your home. This will allow it to relax when it’s stressed and prevent it from chewing your hair to de-stress. You can put a cat bed or a kneading station where it’ll relax and play, hopefully forgetting to chew your hair.

10-Change Your Behavior

When your cat chews your hair, you could let it know that it shouldn’t do it. Don’t reward its behavior if your cat does it – this will let it know that it’s OK to do so.

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